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MEMORABLE EVENT: - Award Winning (By Iscon)

Greatest achievement of our head working Principal Mrs. Rajeshwari Chauhan. The icon of Shree raj Rajeshwari Vidya Mandir School, really works hard for proving herself in every field.

She received the motivational speakers of the year awed by the Iscon i.e. She Shri Radha Govind Mandir, Iskon Vapi. She was encouraged for showing her hard work her enthusiasm in every field such as education, sports, and media etc.

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Hurray! Again in the year 2018-19 was received by our school, our Principal Mam Mrs. Rajeshwari Chauhan received the award for "BEST SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS"

Brains feed honored our Principal Mam and our school as a best CBSE school in,

- Education.

- Sports Education.

- Co-curricular activities.

- Techno smart school of the year.

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We received this award in the year 2018-19 for great hard work, togetherness and enthusiasm at hydra bad", by Brains feed School excellence awards.

She received the award trophy and the moments as a reword to our Principal Mrs. Rajeshwari Chauhan.

She works in every field for talking her school to a top level. She shows her skills, her patience level and does her school works in a proper manner. She also give a motivational speech and a thanking speech.

We all thank her for her great hard works and for providing her motivation.